Yumibowl: Umhlanga’s hottest Thai ice-cream stand

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Located at Umhlanga’s Siam Restaurant near the Village is a little hidden Thai-style ice-cream parlour by the name of Yumibowl. Here you can see ice-cream scrolls hand-crafted before your eyes with OTT flavours and toppings.


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The hole-in-the-wall restaurant has become known for good Thai grub, but it’s this ice-cream stand that’s really catching the attention of Umhlanga locals and tourists.

The scrolls are made by pouring sweetened cream, mixed with a flavouring of your choice, onto a dry-ice tray (a cold version of a hot plate) and then chopping and spreading the rapidly cooling mixture across the icy surface to create a thin frozen layer. This is then scraped and curled into scrolls, which are propped up in a bowl along with wacky toppings for your eating pleasure.



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The Thai-style treat comes in a range of flavours including the popular Death By Chocolate bowl with chocolate-brownie ice cream and an actual brownie for garnish. There’s also the minty Cookie Monster, which is made with peppermint-flavoured ice cream, crushed Oreos and wafer cigars as a garnish.


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If you’re in KZN for the Easter weekend, try the Easter Feaster version that comes complete with Easter eggs in the ice cream, banoffee syrup, and garnishes of Speckled Eggs and marshmallow eggs.

Yumibowl scrapes and scrolls these icy delights seven days a week from 11.30am until 10pm for those late-night munchies.

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