Italian kisses
 with peppermint ice cream

This inspired recipe for home-made ice cream doesn’t require an ice cream machine, and will warm the heart of anyone who grew up eating Peppermint Crisp chocolate bars. The recipe comes courtesy of Cleta Joannou’s Condensed Milk: everyone’s guilty secret.

Serves: Makes about 
24 Italian kisses


1 tin (385 g) condensed milk
150 g Peppermint Crisp® chocolate, grated
5 ml (1 tsp) peppermint essence phyllo pastry
3 drops green food colouring
375 ml (11⁄2 C) fresh cream, whipped
300 g milk or dark chocolate
fancy ice trays or mini patty or cookie pans


Pour the condensed milk into a large bowl and mix in the grated chocolate. Add the peppermint essence and food colouring and mix well. Carefully fold in the whipped cream. Pour into a freezerproof container with a tight-fitting lid and freeze for 4–5 hours until semi-soft. If it sets, allow it to defrost until it is semi-soft, and then proceed further.

Melt the milk or dark chocolate over a double boiler, stirring frequently
until melted. Using a pastry brush, brush the inside of each ice-tray mould with a thick layer of the melted chocolate. Chill to set and repeat twice more. Once the chocolate has set, place a dollop of the semi-soft ice cream into each chocolate mould until almost full, and then freeze until set. Top the frozen ice cream with a little more melted chocolate to seal in the filling. Freeze again until solid. Gently tap the mould against a hard surface to unmould the Italian kisses and store in an airtight container in the freezer or serve immediately.

Recipe from Condensed Milk: everyone’s guilty secret, by Cleta Joannou, published by Human & Rousseau.

Condensed Milk: everyone’s guilty secret, by Cleta Joannou

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