Nina Timm’s chocolate samosas

This simple, heavenly recipe comes to us courtesy of the winner of the award for best food blog at the 2012 Eat In DStv Food Network Produce Awards, Nina Timm of "This is an easy do-able recipe and you will be ever so popular at your next dinner party!" says Nina.

Serves: 10


100g Lindt chocolate
10 samosa wrappers
1 egg
for frying vegetable oil


Break the chocolate in its 10 blocks. Place 1 block at the one end of the samosa wrapper and start folding it. (If you want to learn how to fold a samosa, follow Nina’s guide here.) Break the egg in a cup and with a pastry brush, brush the samosa with some egg white and make sure there are no gaps where the melted chocolate can run out. Heat enough oil in a pan to deep fry and when the oil is hot, but not smoking, add the samosas and fry very quickly on both sides until they are a light golden brown in color. Remove from the oil with a slotted spoon and place on kitchen toweling to get rid of excess oil. Serve immediately with a dusting of icing sugar and a smooth espresso.

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