Bombay Bicycle Club

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Reviewed by Colleen Anderson

Just read the negative reviews.....well, of course, the world does have a number of pain-in-the-butt whingers and these guys who complained are clearly in that category!! We have been going to Bombay Bicycle Club regularly - almost from the day they opened their doors - and we have never yet had a bad meal, bad service and have never had reason to complain about a single thing!! last Friday, although the restaurant was fully booked, we popped in just after 9pm hoping to get a table....and we were treated with extreme courtesy, given a free drink (even though we had not booked a table) while we waited until one became available.....all the while, enjoying the happy eclectic vibe of the place!! We will continue to support the Bombay and are very happy to know that the whingers will not be going back there - they could put a dampener on the atmosphere!!
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