Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Reviewed by Manisha M

Ordered take out from Mantra on a Saturday night. After picking up my order i discovered i was given the wrong food. I ordered paneer starter (was given veg instead), and the paneer tikka masala curry as a main (hot). The paneer i was given was mild and tasted like canned tomato soup, with some cubes of paneer (which was definitely not chargrilled as indicated on the menu). After phoning them soon thereafter i was told to come in in 15min and that i would be given the correct food. This was after a 45min wait for the initial order. When i get there, my food was still not ready, and the lady at the counter was not remotely apologetic. Moreover, when i brought the "correct" order home i discovered that the paneer tikka masala was in fact the same dish i was previously given, just with an inordinate amount of chilli, beyond hot, and inedible. It also had the same revolting tomato paste taste. Having eaten the same meal a while back at mantra, which tasted very different, this was a huge disappointment and waste of money. Moreover i am vegetarian and have to say this was by far the worst paneer anyone could serve. I recommend bombay blues and thava for much more enjoyable food.
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