Reuben’s at One&Only Cape Town

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Reviewed by Daniel de Freitas

There have been few times in my life as a 'Good food aficionado' that I have had a truly unbelievable experience in all aspects of a night out...Wine and Dine at Reuben's One and Only was definitely such an occasion!

To Reuben Riffel and Robertson spices I can say with confidence that this is my combination: The One and Only CT, the chef team at Reuben's, Graham Beck wines put to justice by a perfect pairing from sommelier Luvo, great service from our waiter Siya and ofcourse the ever-cheerful company of One and Only brand ambassador Aubrey.

Food highlights included slow cooked lamb shoulder that was truly cooked so slow it took its time falling apart from the simple touch of your fork. The baked yoghurt, I don't know what word could possibly describe such a spectacle other than unforgettable!

No longer will I only associate Graham Beck wines simply with their MCC, the rest of their collection is amazing. The Coffeestone Cabernet was set apart as the wine of the evening for its pure sophistication and class, a wine that will be a great addition to my excuse for a wine cellar! The Game Reserve range, of which we tasted the chenin blanc and shiraz were both so elegantly smooth an paired fantastically with the butternut risotto and lamb loin respectively.

Many thanks to all who were involved to make this night special for all who attended.

The self-elected Good food aficionado.
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