Valpre waterStarting out as gentle rainfall, every drop of Valprè spring water spends up to 15 years filtering naturally through the ground. On its long journey through the earth, Valprè’s spring water moves through different soil and rock layers that imbue it with minerals that are responsible for its unique composition. To preserve these extraordinary properties, Valprè’s bottling process is designed to ensure that the water is bottled as close as to how it was found. A state-of-the-art bottling plant was opened in Heidelberg in 2011 – it only makes sense that our water is treated with the care such exceptional quality deserves. Being one of the greenest plants in Africa helps to ensure that there will be natural spring water for generations to come, designed expressly to reduce our carbon footprint and leave nature untouched by Valprè’s presence.  Valprè is distinguished by its natural sweet taste and is available in PlantBottle™ and elegant glass variants available at selected outlets. The PlantBottle™ is the only plastic bottle up to 30% made from plants and is 100% recyclable. The unrelenting commitment to quality has made Valprè South Africa’s most successful bottled water brand.

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