Wang Thai (Lagoon Beach)

5 Reviews
Asian, Sushi, Thai
Phone Number 0215519254 Opening Hours Lunch Dinner

Lunch: Monday - Sunday 12.00pm to 21:00pm

Dinner: Monday - Sunday 12.00pm - 21.00pm


Asian, Sushi, Thai
Bar scene, Business meetings, Coffee, Family friendly, Groups, Kids, Special occasions, Views
Mastercard, Visa
Accepts credit cards, Beer served, Booking required, Child friendly, Cocktails, Deliveries, Eat Out reviewed, Food, Functions, Licensed, Lunch, Parking, Smoking, Takeaways, Wheelchair

Owner's description

Wang Thai brings to its restaurants a traditional Thai culinary culture. Prepared by Thai-trained chefs from authentic, imported spices and the freshest locally sourced ingredients. And served with the uncompromising service levels that befit exceptional food, in the exceptional, first-class settings that have made our restaurants so popular.
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User reviews

5 Reviews
    ~Wangthai Lagoon Beach~ If you have met me, you know I live for food. I eat, I watch shows about food, I get hungry, and eat again. I have lists of restaurants saved on my phone that I want to go and experience. I am THAT person. I've heard things about Thailand, mostly good things... Like ladies who whisper manly things and smells that make your nose hair jingle. The worst thing I've heard is that their flavour profiles are enough to make a coke addict happy. I was triggered... Thai food is a must. I tried, I died, I was reincarnated and I am back with my last four lives. So here we are again. We park, we sit, and we stare. The view is pure glory. The car sways slightly, rocking us back to reality. No wonder the lagoon is empty, Aeolus is obviously bored, like covid he is blowing everything "deurmekaar". We get out and attempt our way to the door. I am blown away, literally, my hair is everywhere, I grab onto that handle, and as I push, the wind shoves me in by the door. I have to pull myself together. Now if you want to travel Thailand during the day you venture outside to see beauty. During the evening the lights soften her up and you suddenly don't see the ol' blemishes of the town, you ignore the not so overly-friendly 'ou' doing the umpteenth covid protocol... I'm sure he'd rather spray the alcohol in his eyes and read the Huisgenoot's temperature after a hot 'skinner storie' is let loose. Why? He is human - probably having a bad day, also we're in the middle of a pandemic, so be nice. (No he was not rude, no I did not need to take it up with management. I know I am super, he might have attempted a smile, but I don't have X-ray vision. WE'RE IN THAILAND NOW...inhale...exhale, listen to the ocean and smell the aromas) We are shown to our blemished seat. I pull up my nose for a second, tightening my chin, but then it hits me... many have come before me, therefore it must be good. I let down my nose, letting that extra chin nestle on my throat. I order a massive bottle of sparkling water to go with my thirsty personality. No starters today, I'm on this eating thing... I'm only allowed to eat one thing when we go out 🙄. If you are allowed to eat more than one thing let me point you in the correct direction. Order the vegetable spring rolls and corn cakes - drown it in that beautiful Buddha inspired sauce and have a higher than thy experience. I don't know how I am still alive today, I die everytime I eat those corncakes. Probably reincarnation... I am a damn lucky cat. I'm flipping through the menu, trying to look cool - trying to convince my partner I will order something else. She keeps 'gooi-ing' me the eye. I have ordered other food before, and it was good, but it was not my first. You know that dish that keeps bringing you back, the dish that makes you slurp on your words when you speak about it. The Angry Wok is that dish. The yin to my yang. I must take a photopgraph, 'pics or it didn't happen'. I'm salivating, but the artist in me won't budge, the egg fried rice isn't posing correctly, my lense is dirty and my stomach is scolding me. I roll my eyes and scoff. I give up, the restaurant is coming alive and I will not be caught with drool on my chin. I have what I have, excuse the photos 😉 For the fifth time I am blown out of the water. NEVER-EVER have I ordered this and been disappointed. I swear it gets better everytime. I don't know if there is some hoodoo voodoo happening in that kitchen but stuff me up and stick me with a needle. I'm sold. My taste receptors are working overtime. Sending information to my brain at high speed. I'm struggling to comprehend, an overload. The savoury, the sweet, the spicy, the bitter... Ding, ding ding... We have a winner. The taste harmony. I close my eyes and allow my mind to transport. I am in Thailand. The soft Thai music plays in the background, the chatter of people and aromas of beautiful food are everywhere. The soy is beautiful, thick, black with just the right amount of chili and lemon grass. Watch your back though, that chilli might catch you for a second time 😉. The beef is tender and satisfying... Now my favourite part, and no mother this is not a joke, the vegetables... oh goody goodness. I don't know what they do, I can assure you they don't look different to what I make, but that crisp, fresh accompaniment with the rice and sauce is out of this world. That beautiful master "peace" of flavours would make Buddha's belly jump for joy. In the great words of the unknown: "If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way"
    This is one of my all-time favourite spots to meet friends and eat delicious Thai food. I find it hard to deviate from the 406 Penang curry as it’s so good! Their winter special until 30 September is a great deal. Always book as the restaurant is packed every night of the week. My only “negative” is that I find the smoking area (even though closed off) can still cause a smoke smell at the tables nearby. I think smoking should only be allowed outside and not the enclosed patio. A GREAT restaurant with excellent service and food.
    I ordered take aways so the ambience didn't come into play. The service was excellent as usual. The time frame they gave for the collection was spot on. The food was a bit disappointing. I have a high expectation as their cuisine is usually tasty with a good blast of heat. They didn't quite deliver on either this time. I will definitely give them another chance though.
    I have a great meal every time I go there. A bit on the pricey side, so go for a treat. Husband loves the Thai Green Curry and I am obsessed with the Chicken Litchi Curry. Good view over the ocean. Waiters are pleasant and friendly.
    We had lunch at Wang Thai. There were workmen drilling and hammering as they constructed the new enclosed patio area. This was not mentioned when I booked a table that morning. The restaurant was generally grubby - the floors had not been swept and the bin the ladies loo was over flowing.

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