2016 Boschendal Style Award nominee: Glenda’s in Hyde Park

Our next contender for the 2016 Boschendal Style Award is Glenda’s: Hyde Park’s whimsical bakery and restaurant. Here’s why it deserves its nomination as the most stylish restaurant in SA.

Design details

The look: Whimsical and fresh
The location: Hyde Square in Hyde Park, Johannesburg
The creatives: Interior design by Glenda Lederle, wallpaper by Pip Studio, artwork on loan from the Everard Read Gallery and ‘boudoir biscuit’ chairs crafted by Johan Nel Designs

The Kiss the Frog Room at Glenda's. Photo supplied.

The dining area at Glenda’s. Photo supplied.

The style

Entering this patisserie has been described as slipping into one of Enid Blyton’s magical faraway lands. The fantasy-garden-themed décor has become owner and chef Glenda Lederle’s signature and everything – even down to the glittered-speckled paint – has been curated or created by her.

The whimsical interiors at Glenda's. Photo supplied.

The whimsical interiors at Glenda’s. Photo supplied.

The restaurant has been completely revamped and reimagined since its earlier days. Explains Glenda: “I really wanted to completely change the feel and so we gutted it and began again. My goal was to light up the space and draw attention to the high ceilings and atrium-like space. I have always had a strong view on aesthetics and relished the challenge of designing the space myself. I worked with some exceptional craftsmen to make it a reality. Everything from the rose marble, to Pip Studio’s custom wallpaper was made just for us.”

The Garden Room at Glenda's. Photo supplied.

The Garden Room at Glenda’s. Photo supplied.

Needing to accommodate for both daytime and evening sittings, the Glenda’s space has multiple, different areas. There’s The Dotty Choux, with hothouse flowers, sun yellow walls and brass accents where daily papers and an on-the-go atmosphere make it the perfect spot for coffee and a choux pastry. The Garden Room, with low-slung wrought iron furniture, is a more intimate space made for lingering over a cup of rooibos and a slice of ginger loaf. The Kiss the Frog Room is a whimsical, calm dining area, offset by a very long marble bar. Adjoining this is the fuchsia pink Choux Choux Lounge with plush velvet padded love seats by Johan Nel Designs – perfect for cosy after-dinner drinks.

The boudoir biscuit chairs in the Choux Choux lounge at Glenda's. Photo supplied.

The boudoir biscuit chairs in the Choux Choux lounge at Glenda’s. Photo supplied.

When it comes to pinpointing a theme, Glenda explains: “I hate the thought of a restaurant having a theme, but I do think if you pictured a tangle of wild roses, growing everywhere with softness and wild branches, then you would understand what it feels like in here. It’s a free-flowing, twisting, exciting tumble and at the end of every branch is a soft sweet rose. I love that it is our own and I love how it gives the whole restaurant a glimmer, like a cherished memory.”

The marble-topped bar at Glenda's. Photo supplied.

The marble-topped bar at Glenda’s. Photo supplied.

The cuisine

In the last few years Glenda has been travelling and working through Europe and America, which has helped to inspire her beautiful and enchanting food. Signatures at Glenda’s include the spring fling, which comprises burnt honey-glazed salmon, horseradish sauce, pickled and dehydrated baby red cabbage, toasted and smoked sesame seeds and charred corn. On the sweet side of things, order a choux box six pack: a selection of hollow puffy pastries filled with chocolate, coffee, vanilla and rose flavoured crème pâtissière.

Petit fours at Glenda's in Hyde Park. Photo supplied.

Petit fours at Glenda’s in Hyde Park. Photo supplied.

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