45 chocolate recipes to dive into

You might well find other posts online that suggest the use of leftover chocolate. We’re not going to try and justify our actions with any such statement; the words ‘left’ and ‘over’ seem to imply neglect, abandonment and lack of care, and we could never feel that way about our beloved cocoa bean. Here, then, are 45 examples of unashamed chocolate porn. From homemade Nutella to chocolate mousse, sticky brownies and cognac truffles, we’ve got you covered – in chocolate…


Peanut butter chocolate cake

We want to swim in that chocolatey icing

Alida Ryder’s award-winning chocolate peanut butter cake
If you’re of the opinion that there’s nothing more decadent than a chocolate cake, add peanut butter and think again.

Chocolate cake

Like a fluffy cloud swimming across a chocolatey sky. With oranges.

Chocolate, orange and cinnamon layer cake
This citrusy cake is given an added lift by the addition of cinnamon and chocolate. If you can’t find beautiful, seasonal oranges, substitute lemons.

Dark chocolate moelleux by Eric Lanlard
This extremely moist sponge cake is the perfect base for rich chocolate buttercream and glossy ganache.

Dense, cracked chocolate cake
Use a good quality dark chocolate in order to achieve the perfect gooey texture inside.

We'd like to be baked inside this cake (and eat our way out)

We’d like to be baked inside this cake (and eat our way out)

Marlene van der Westhuizen’s chocolate orange cake
It might look impressive, but Marlene van der Westhuizen swears this cake recipe couldn’t be easier. “As I’m a notoriously ungifted pastry chef, sharing a home full of sweet-toothed men has made it necessary for me to have a couple of really simple cake recipes to fall back on,” says the author. The recipe comes from Marlene’s book, Secrets of a French Cooking Class.

Milk stout and chocolate cake with butterscotch sauce and caramel chocolate shards
This mind-boggling chocolate combination is the creation of our editor, Abigail Donnelly.

Six-minute chocolate cake
This is the ideal quick-fix for when your family pays an unexpected visit and you have nothing to serve with tea.

Cupcakes and cake pops

Chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate ganache
Cream and dark chocolate make a gloriously decadent topping for these chocolate cupcakes.

Chocolate pomegranate cupcakes
Add some seasonal pomegranate arils to these chocolate iced cupcakes for a beautiful pop of colour.

Microwave mug cakes
Quick and super-easy, this is the best remedy for any chocolate craving emergency.

Cake pops

So small! So itty bitty!

Red velvet cake pops
Composed of a mix of crumbled red velvet cake, Nestlé Caramel Treat and melted dark chocolate, these make an elegant homemade gift, a lovely treat for birthday parties and great wedding favours.

Vanilla cupcakes with dark chocolate icing
This gorgeous cupcake combines the complimentary flavours of vanilla and chocolate.

Brownies and biscuits

Baked cheesecake brownies with raspberry coulis
Calling for couverture chocolate, cream cheese and raspberries, these brownies are beyond indulgent.

Banana and chocolate crunchies
Replacing flour with ground almonds, these delicious crunchies come with a naughty drizzle of chocolate.

Chocolate and hazelnut caramel bars
Three layers, two of which are chocolatey – now that’s our kind of teatime treat. These babies can be frozen for use in a midnight chocolate emergency.

Chocolate brownies with ganache topping
Perfectly textured and beautifully decorated, these brownies are ideal for special occasions. (Like craving brownies.)

Chocolate brownies with homemade praline
A crunchy topping rounds off these delightful brownies perfectly. Use homemade praline or toasted nuts and chocolate shavings.

Chocolate, cranberry and pecan nut cookies
You’ll earn some serious brownie points by serving these golden-brown crunchy cookies.

Eric Lanlard’s devilish chocolate brownies
Consisting of dark chocolate, cocoa powder and dark chocolate chips, these must be the chocolatiest brownies imaginable.

Chocolate and hazelnut muffins by Eric Lanlard
These rich muffins are a mid-afternoon treat when served warm straight from the oven, says master pâtissier Eric Lanlard. The recipe comes from his cookbook, Chocolat.

Healthier chocolate-chip cookies
Designed to boost your metabolism, these tasty treats are made with apples, wholewheat and almond flour, and raw chocolate. The perfect treat if you’re trying to recover from the Easter binge.

Millionaire’s shortbread
Could these chocolate and caramel slices be the most luxurious biscuits ever?


Baked white chocolate and cheese tart

Could we get this in a kind of bath-sized vat? Thanks.

Baked white chocolate and cheese tart
If you thought there was no way to improve on cheesecake, try this white chocolate version with a crispy base of Amaretti biscuits and coconut.

Chocolate and marmalade tart
Rich and decadent, this tart combines the classic flavours of orange and dark chocolate.

Emma Dean’s chocolate almond torte
Made with almond meal (and plenty of chocolate), this cake is entirely gluten-free. “You can serve this with any in-season fruits,” says the MasterChef Australia contestant.


Chocolate lime fondant
Zesty lime adds a nice twist of tartness to this fondant.

Molten chocolate pudding
Gooey in the centre and crisp on the sides, this is the ultimate chocolate fondant.


Chocolate, coffee and hazelnut meringue
Comprising roasted hazelnuts, rich coffee and 70% cocoa chocolate, this dessert is full of flavour without being heavy. It’s a great choice for the lactose intolerant.

Chocolate meringue roulade
Imagine a Swiss roll made of chocolate meringue, and you’ll have a good idea of the delicious treat that awaits.

Chocolate and fruit

Chocolate mousse with macerated strawberries
This recipe combines the richness of chocolate mousse with the fruity tang of strawberries and Grand Marnier liqueur.

Fresh strawberries with chocolate dip
Sexy, fresh and luscious, this is the ultimate easy-but-delicious dessert.

Mango skewers dipped in chocolate
The perfect post-braai dessert, this healthy recipe couldn’t be simpler.


Chocolate mousse
A (very) slightly lighter version of everyone’s favourite chocolate dessert, this recipe makes use of Ready Egg lite.

Dark chocolate mousse cake

Baby are you a cake? Because we want a piece of that.

Dark chocolate mousse cake with coffee ice cream
Condensed milk, dark chocolate and butter are the secrets to this glorious mousse cake. The recipe comes courtesy of Cleta Joannau’s genius new book, Condensed Milk: Everyone’s Guilty Secret. (She knows us too well!)

Hazelnut royaltine

*Bites keyboard

George Jardine’s hazelnut royaltine
A glorious mousse served on top of a crunchy base, this recipe is quite worthy of its creator, top 10 chef George Jardine.

Jackie Cameron's crepes

Imagine how they will ooze as you attempt to cut a slice. *Licks fingers

Jackie Cameron’s crêpes filled with orange-infused chocolate mousse
These crêpes, with their lovely chocolatey filling, will impress your guests for a grand celebration.

Mille feuille with white chocolate mousse
Tuilles, though impressive-looking, are really not that difficult to make. Try your own mille feuille with a serving of white chocolate mousse made with yoghurt.

Chocolate wonders  

Chocolate pizza

We suspect this might not be an authentic Italian recipe, but we are totally okay with that

Chocolate pizza served with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce
Two of our favourite things – pizza and cocoa – combined into one recipe. It’s got the texture of a brownie, looks like a pizza and is made of chocolate.

Chocolate samoosas
Ninna Timm shares a sweet chocolate version of our favourite savoury snack.

Cognac truffles
Perfect for after dinner, these delectable truffles are easy to make.

Homemade Nut-ella

BRB, going to buy more teaspoons

Homemade Nutella
It would be futile to try resist this combination of roasted hazelnuts and a bowl of melted chocolate.

Rachel Khoo's black forest gateau bowls

Our favourite breakfast

Rachel Khoo’s chocolate black forest gateau bowls
All the classic ingredients in a black forest cake are served up in cute homemade chocolate cups. Be still our beating hearts.


Hot chocolate

It’s enough to make you almost wish for winter

Hot drinking chocolate
Chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange peel and thick cream: this decadent hot chocolate recipe should keep you cosy.

Nirvana by chocolate
This rich, Amarula-inspired cocktail is definitely for the strong of heart.

Sugar-and-dairy-free chocolate peanut butter cocoa
Angela Liddon at Oh She Glows vegan blog donated her recipe of this hot beverage for Sarah Wilson’s cookbook, I Quit Sugar. It’s wintry indulgent goodness in a cup.

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