5 great places for fried chicken waffles in SA

It’s no mystery why golden, crunchy and spicy fried chicken is popular around the world – and even better if it’s perched on top of fresh waffles. This week we thought we’d honour this marvel of textural and sweet-savoury contrast. Offering everything from sandwich-style waffles to stacks drenched in chilli-spiked maple syrup, here are five spots to grab southern-style fried-chicken waffles around SA.

Craft (Parkhurst, Johannesburg)

Wacky milkshakes and gourmet pizzas aside, this popular spot also serves street-food style food that packs a flavour punch. The fried chicken waffles here comprise of two Belgian-style waffles topped with three crumbed and fried chicken drumsticks and served with maple-flavoured syrup and a soy, ginger and garlic dipping sauce (R89).

(Zonnebloem, Cape Town)

Served in southern-American style, the waffles at this dive bar come with tender fried chicken, maple syrup and bacon. It’s the perfect dish to cure the heaviest of hangovers. The waffle is made the authentic way with a Belgian batter recipe, and the chicken strips are soaked in buttermilk, covered in a southern-style coating and deep fried, ready to be stacked up and devoured. (R75).

S43 (Morningside, Durban)

Pair your beer-sampling experience at this brewery with some exciting and satisfying street-food eats. This waffle is topped with extraordinarily crunchy fried chicken pieces; fresh, buttery avocado; maple-glazed bacon; and peppery rocket. The impressive plate is then drizzled with chilli crème and served with an extra bowl of maple syrup for good measure. (R95)

The golden chicken waffle at S43. Photo supplied.

The golden chicken waffle at S43. Photo supplied.

Solo Restaurant (City Bowl, Cape Town)

Chef Chad Blows is getting creative at this gallery restaurant on Loop Street. The seasonal offerings make room for some exciting all-day breakfasts and lunches. There’s a dedicated waffle section for die-hard fans, which includes both savoury and sweet options. For a taste of the south, there’s the waffle topped with succulent buttermilk-battered and fried golden chicken pieces that are propped up on four crunchy waffle portions. To kick things up a notch, the dish is served with a small glass bottle of glossy sriracha and habanero maple syrup (R80).


This trendy little café offers a killer breakfast and lunch offering of comforting favourites. Whether you’re here for some live music, or just a catch-up with friends, be sure to order the popular fried-chicken waffle sandwich. This generous beauty is comprised of crispy chicken sandwiched between triangular golden waffles with some tangy coleslaw and a side of sweet-potato fries.

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