5 great vegan desserts in Cape Town

Dessert is an essential part of every great meal and thankfully the Mother City has no shortage of decadent desserts made specifically for those who don’t do dairy. Lactose intolerant, dipping your toe into the vegan waters, or fully committed to the plant-based way of life? These five fantastic desserts are for you.

The Amistoso at Col’Cacchio (nationwide)?

Col’Cacchio’s vegan options are nothing to scoff at – with everything from plant-based spaghetti-and-meatballs to pizza featuring cheese alternatives, the Italian restaurant has options for vegans sorted. Dessert offers just one choice, but it’s a great one: the amistoso (R60). Serving as a delightful play on a deconstructed pineapple fridge tart, it comprises cashew cream, caramelised pineapple, orange-flavoured crumble and coconut shavings. The array of textures is addictive and the sweet, bitter and tangy flavours complement the ultra creamy cashew cream.

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The amistoso at Col'Cacchio

The amistoso at Col’Cacchio. Photo by Lindsay September.

Dark chocolate brownie at Homage 1862 (Loop Street, City Bowl)?

Homage 1862 recently launched its plant-based menu featuring meals like fragrant green curry, a black-bean-and-mushroom burger, and baked falafel with spiced hummus. In classic Homage fashion, instead of an exhaustive selection of desserts, they’re making one really good one. Enjoy the vegan chocolate brownie (R55) made with dark chocolate, hazelnut, coconut sugar and vanilla extract. It comes with vegan chocolate ice cream and stewed fruit.

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Ice cream at Unframed (V&A Waterfront and Kloof Street, City Bowl)

This ice-cream bar will forever have a spot in our hearts, not least because at least one vegan alternative is always on hand. Bet your non-vegan friends that they won’t be able to taste the difference and they’ll end up empty-handed for sure. They may just join you in indulging in flavours like decadent chocolate, matcha, peanut butter and raspberry. Unframed also tends to do some yummy sorbets. Grab a cone or cup from the store on Kloof Street or at the V&A Food Market.

Pumpkin-pie flapjacks at Scheckter’s RAW (Sea Point)?

Though not technically on the dessert section of the menu, these pumpkin-pie flapjacks come with ice cream, so we figure it counts (R85). This raw bar stacks up gluten- and dairy-free pancakes made with pumpkin purée and topped with cinnamon, strawberries and bananas. The entire stack comes with vegan cream or ice cream. Yip, definitely decadent enough to count as dessert. But since it’s listed under breakfast, that means you can have it then again for dessert, right? (If pancakes somehow aren’t your thing, opt for the ‘Snickers bar’ or ‘Reese’s Cup’.

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Sorbetto at Moro Gelato (Long Street, City Bowl)

While the drool-worthy gelatos at this gorgeous spot are made with a classic eggs-and-cream recipe, the sorbettos are dairy- and egg-free, and are made in store with fresh fruit. Past flavours include black fig (made with figs from Paarl), granadilla, mango, and spicy ginger and beetroot. Get your scoop (or two!) from the store in Long Street or at the Oranjezicht Market on Saturdays.

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