Astronauts grow lettuce in space (still no word on bacon)

In good news for those who fear the impending zombie apocalypse, we will be able to grow vegetables on our spaceships while we search for another inhabitable planet.

NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station have farmed their first plants in space – frilly red red romaine lettuce. Watch them enjoy their maiden taste in the video below.

More amazingly, they announced their handiwork delicious. “That’s awesome”, remarked Kjell Lindgren. Another felt it tasted like arugula.

The crew can’t gobble it all up, however: half of the crop needs to be brought back to earth for analysis. The questions will probably go something like: Does it still taste like lettuce? Is it still pointless? (We predict yes and yes.)

Sadly, there’s still no word on how they plan to grow bacon.

Sprouted from seeds that last saw the light of day on earth 15 months ago, these leafy greens promise that astronauts will now be able to sustain themselves on even longer missions, and they’ll have something to do with their time.

Let’s hope the space snails don’t get into the garden.

Read more about the fascinating science project here. (And more about our hatred of frilly lettuce here.)

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