Luke Dale Roberts to launch Salon Pot Luck – a new dining concept in Cape Town

News just in that celebrated restaurateur and chef, Luke Dale Roberts, will be expanding his offering with a new dining concept in Cape Town.

Salon Pot Luck will be located on the first floor of the Old Biscuit Mill Silo – in the same building where Luke’s existing (Eat Out 2-star restaurant) The Potluck Club, is situated.

What’s in store? Canapés!

“Back in the UK, I used to work in an old Michelin-star manor house where we used to serve canapés in the library before guests went through to dinner in the main dining room. I wanted to emulate that in the industrial setting of the silo building,” Luke told Eat Out. 

 “This is my new baby and creative project. I’m really excited about it. I’ve designed the whole menu myself and it’s meant to be a standalone concept where you can come and hang out for a while or just pop in for a pre-dinner bite and a drink if you’re on your way up to The Potluck Club.”

salon pot luck

The word canapé describes an hors d’oeuvre that’s often quite detailed and decorative in presentation and usually eaten in one bite. The word was first used for a sofa in 18th-century France and made its way into the culinary lexicon because of the various toppings that “sit” on the base ingredient – like people sitting on sofas.

The decor at Salon Pot Luck will take on an old-world-chic aesthetic with a nod to some retro touches. Lead designer on the project, Maurice Paliaga, has used velvet drapes, Art Deco-style stained glass, brass lamps, and mid-century furnishings.

Guests can expect things like vintage oyster trolleys and cheese trolleys and other fun details that tie in with the theme. All the canapés will be loosely based on mini French pastries, but with a savoury approach. Think “Opera cake” – chicken and duck liver parfait, with porcini and coffee or Black Forest “gateau” – featuring foie gras, vanilla, Parmesan shortbread, dark chocolate and cherry jelly. Also, look out for little truffle tartlets, moreish morsels of crayfish and a croquembouche like you’ve never had before.

Heading up the kitchen will be chef Dillan Kannemeyer who’s worked under The Potluck Club’s head chef, Jason Kosmas for over 7 years. And what is a canapé without an accompanying beverage? In addition to the food offering, Luke says that there will be a selection of quality local wines and an expertly curated cocktail menu featuring twelve new drinks. “They’re well-balanced, not too sweet, and really pack a punch!”

Salon Pot Luck will open in early March and will operate from Monday to Saturday from 4pm – 11pm

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