Cacao Barry® and Eat Out join forces to celebrate pastry excellence


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Cacao Barry®, a renowned name in the world of fine French chocolate since 1842, has exciting news to share. The brand has teamed up with Eat Out, marking a significant partnership that aims to revolutionise South Africa’s pastry and dessert scene. As part of this collaboration, Cacao Barry® proudly sponsors a brand-new Special Award.

Eat Out’s chief judge, Abigail Donnelly, emphasises the role played by pastry chefs in the culinary world.

“It’s often seen as luxury for restaurants to invest in employing pastry chefs. These talented individuals infuse their passion and creativity into the sweet and savoury endings of every memorable meal and they’re just as much part of the team as anyone else. Not only do pastry chefs craft delectable desserts, they also contribute to a restaurant’s identity and overall success. Their creations are often the grand finale of a meal, delivering the last impression before a guest leaves the restaurant, so they are a crucial part of the whole experience and are deserving of recognition. It’s therefore only fitting that Cacao Barry® sponsors this special award.”

The Eat Out Cacao Barry® Dessert Award

This award sets a high bar for its recipients. The criteria include demonstrating exceptional creativity in pastry and dessert creations, showcasing innovative techniques, flavour combinations, and presentation, pushing the boundaries of tradition, and bringing fresh ideas to the table. A mastery of various pastry techniques, as well as precision, consistency, and attention to detail in pastry creations, is also expected. In addition, the chef should exhibit a profound understanding of ingredients, textures, and flavour profiles.

cocao barry chocolate

What is Cacao Barry®?

At its core, the brand is defined by quality, flavour, and sustainability. Cacao Barry® goes to great lengths to select the finest cocoa beans, all while committing to innovation that reinvents its chocolate ranges in harmony with nature and cocoa farmers. Each Cacao Barry® chocolate offers a unique bouquet of aromas, a testament to the specific region, country, or plantation it originates from. Their chocolate range boasts distinctive flavour characteristics and optimised fluidity, providing chefs with endless opportunities for creative desserts and pastries. Notably, one of Cacao Barry®’s exciting innovations is Or Noir, offering chefs the chance to create their own exclusive signature chocolate. This Or Noir experience empowers chefs to craft a unique chocolate taste profile, workability, and brand story, making their creations truly one-of-a-kind.

cocao barry chocolate

The winner of the Eat Out Cacao Barry® Dessert Award will receive an extraordinary prize – the opportunity to take part in the Or Noir experience and craft their own signature chocolate. To further highlight the versatility of Cacao Barry® products, the chefs at the Chocolate Academy South Africa have prepared a recipe guide. This guide demonstrates the creative potential of the local Cacao Barry® range, offering a glimpse into the world of delectable possibilities for those passionate about the art of chocolate and eager to explore these culinary delights. A bonus is that the guide is readily available for download online!

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