This Cape Town brewery is transforming into a kitchen to feed the hungry

With South Africa’s strict nationwide lockdown having kept the country indoors for almost four weeks, every non-essential business has had to close its doors. The restaurant industry is one that’s been hit the hardest, resulting in immediate job losses and the scarcity of money to buy basic food.

In addition to the health crisis, South Africa has a hunger crisis on its hands, and it’s inspiring to see how many businesses have utilised the resources and time at their disposal to offer hope to those who need it the most. One of Cape Town’s most well-known beer brands, Woodstock Brewery, is in the process of turning its brewing facility into a soup kitchen, where it will cook food for poverty-stricken communities.

woodstock brewery interior

The brand posted on social media: “We are repurposing our breweries into big soup kitchens to produce soup and porridge for the immediate needs of the less fortunate. Think about a 2 000L mash tun and a 2 000L kettle churning out meals! We will arrange delivery to sites identified through logistics networks we are currently working on.”

A number of chefs and restaurants have also opened up their kitchens or are working with organisations, producing food to feed distressed communities. Watch this video to see what chef Chris Erasmus from Foliage is currently doing to combat hunger and starvation in Franschhoek.

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