Cheesecake joins the swelling ranks of things on sticks (and we’re okay with this)

By now we were sure we’d heard it all – sorbet-stuffed fruit, halloumi fries and coffee cups made out of pumpkins. Hybrid formats and weird mashups are a particularly good way for food producers out there to experiment with our tastebuds and mess with our minds.

You might think a slice of good, old-fashioned cheesecake would be safe, but you’d be incorrect. Heirloom Toronto Food Truck and Catering has revolutionised the game by putting slices of cheesecake on sticks and covering them in the likes of Nutella, nuts and sticky caramel sauce (naturally). Out with the old and in with the new… Meet the cheesecake pop.

These local farmers from Toronto, Canada, use local ingredients that are sourced from people they know. That means the toppings, while bad, are also really good. To make these sassy stick-topped treats, you take one slice of Heirloom Toronto’s home-made cheesecake in various flavours, push it onto a stick, and drizzle it in the sweet sauce and decadent toppings of your choice.

The desirable options include lashings of chocolate-hazelnut crunch, vanilla-bean caramel, whipped Nutella, sticky toffee sauce, peanut butter and dark, caramel or white chocolate, and sprinkles of organic pecans, blueberries, cornflakes, coconut, popcorn and pistachios, among other things – even the occasional churro. (As you do.)

If you’re after something more savoury, they also serve pork-belly tacos, buttermilk fried chicken buns and more crossbreeds like this Vietnamese tempura hotdog, which looks a little unhinged but very delicious.

The food truck moves around Toronto, but we’re hoping they wouldn’t mind making a detour to our shores. Who’s with us?

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