Chef Carla Schulze takes the helm as Executive Chef at Cape Town’s SALON

A fresh female face is taking centre stage at Luke Dale Roberts’ SALON, the dining destination that is the culinary storybook of his journey as a chef.

Meet Carla Schulze, the creative powerhouse whose journey might have been quieter, but her influence has been far from subtle. She has spent the past seven years shaping the food at the LDR Group of esteemed restaurants. From the heart of The Test Kitchen’s kitchen to orchestrating the Pot Luck Club’s pop-up in Andermatt, Switzerland, she cemented herself as a force to be reckoned with.

Carla Schulze

Carla is a graduate of the Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine in KwaZulu-Natal and kickstarted her career at The Test Kitchen – hailed as an Eat Out top 10 restaurant at the time.

SALON has rapidly garnered attention as one of Cape Town’s most exciting new culinary gems.

Carla says, “SALON’s plates are woven from Luke’s global culinary tapestry. His stories and experiences serve as the starting point for crafting new dishes. Being able to infuse my own creativity with his innovative flavours has been an exhilarating adventure.”

salon in cape town

Luke himself speaks of the vibrant synergy they share, bringing dishes to life as a collaborative partnership. “In the kitchen, Carla and I have an extraordinary energy together,” he notes. “While my experiences abroad often spark initial dish concepts, the process of creation is a harmonious collaboration. There’s a saying about going far together, and that’s precisely our approach at SALON.”

With Carla’s inventive touch, this summer promises to be a sizzling journey of taste and discovery at the Woodstock-based restaurant.

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