Chef Cheyne Morrisby to open new restaurant at Constantia Uitsig

Following the difficult decision to move on from his eponymous Hout Bay restaurant after a decade, Cheyne Morrisby embarked on a new journey with partner Danielle Oosthuizen.

In December 2023 they opened Bang K – modern Thai-influenced food – in Muizenberg; in May this year, their second venture together will come to life: HIRO Izakaya at Constantia Uitsig.

Izakaya is a traditional Japanese bar where alcoholic drinks are served with different affordable snacks and dishes. In English, izakaya is translated as ‘dine-in sake shop’, where guests eat, drink, and have fun. With this style of cuisine, Cheyne plays to his strengths.

“Small plates – a simplified modern style of Japanese street and bar food,” is what he says diners can expect – big flavour and texture. “We’ll have vegan and meat grills. I’m hoping to bring some fire cooking into the menu.”

Our exclusive peek at the menu planning includes fish finger hand rolls, udon carbonara with bacon tempura, duck egg Caesar, and avocado sashimi with radish, ginger and jalapeño.

“On the sweet side will be some incredible Japanese sundaes, named ‘Any Given Sundae’, for our dessert menu,” says Cheyne.

The layout of the row of buildings at Uitsig includes a front porch area with shaded seating (which will be waterproofed for winter rains). As you enter the front door of HIRO, you will be met with a barn-style space, explains Cheyne. It will be decorated by Danielle, whose striking collages adorn the walls at Bang K. There will be seating to the left, a bar to the right, banquettes to hang out where you can order a few plates and some bubbles, but the rabbit in the hat, the wild card, says Cheyne, will be the semi-private room at the back. Semi as it can be seen from the other tables, but private in that it will have just one eight-seater table – opposite the open-plan kitchen – for groups and parties who want a bit more privacy and exclusivity. Here too, Danielle’s artwork will be used, and red lighting to impart an Asian-inspired ambience.

“The same menu will be served but this is going to push us way ahead of what Uitsig is currently, in terms of interiors,” says Cheyne. “It’s going to be a cool, cool space.”

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The transition from Cheyne’s (the restaurant) has been an emotional one, which Cheyne likes to call “beautiful fear”. Walking away from it was tough, he admits, but it allowed him to focus on himself and what lies ahead with Danielle.

“It’s a powerful feeling when you break through into this space of the now and the future,” he says. “Bang K allowed me to embrace, feel and create, and with that came confidence and more creativity. These ripples were felt and we were approached by Uitsig.”

Cheyne and Danielle say they love the energy and positivity of the farm, and are looking forward to being part of a collective and inspirational mindset.

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