David Higgs reveals location of new Joburg restaurant

After the announcement that David Higgs was leaving the award-winning Five Hundred to start his own restaurant, speculation was rife. He posted this mysterious Instagram shot, which triggered as many questions as it answered. Where would the restaurant be? What did #fire refer to? We demanded to know where the new restaurant would be – as well as an explanation from the chef for the rest of his cryptic hashtags.

•    The new venture will be on the top floor of the building right next to Circa gallery on the corner of Jellicoe Avenue and Jan Smuts in Rosebank.

And so it begins….. #fire #rosebank #barculture #wood #art @eatoutguide #newbeginnings #march2016

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•    #art refers to the location. The restaurant will be right on the quickly developing art route on the western side of Rosebank. “It certainly is right in the heart of art,” laughs David.

•    The #fire and #wood hashtags referred to the concept of the open wood-fire, both for gathering around convivially and for cooking extraordinarily good meats. “I can’t say yet specifically what items will be on the menu and I won’t mention the name yet, but no, it definitely won’t be fine dining. Not anything like we know it.”

•    #barculture refers to a strong emphasis on relaxation, with excellent drinks; the sort of place where his peers would themselves like to hang out. “It’s not really going to be about food critics. Cooking crayfish risotto all the time is fine, but it’s not what we want. It’s now about people coming and having a great time – at a place with a wonderful vibe.”

•    #march2016 meant what it says. March 2016 is the official opening date, though there will likely be semi-opening(s) for trusty friends first.

•    If you think David Higgs looks great in a construction helmet, start imagining him in a blacksmith’s apron.


Things moving along nicely. Slab soon. #vistas #barculture #flameenthusiasts #fire #rosebank #march2016


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