Discover the heartfelt charm of Judd’s Local: a family oasis in the culinary hub of Cape Town



Step into the heart of Cape Town’s culinary scene and discover the hidden charm of Judd’s Local – a small, family-owned restaurant that’s more than just a dining experience. You’ll often see the family eating, drinking wine and chatting around a table with friends who have become family. Bryan, Bryan-John and Erna Judd are the visionaries who made Judd’s Local a reality, and Candice, together with Chloe, run the marketing and the soon-to-be-launched Judd’s Cellar online wine shop. Candice’s love for wine has made a lasting impression on regular customers.


It’s not only a warm welcome into the Judd family; it’s a journey into honest food and exquisite wines, curated with love and careful attention, ensuring every customer is catered for. Judd’s is a haven of cosiness, evoking the feeling of home, with a warm and inviting ambience that wraps around you like a familiar embrace.

The menu, a tribute to simplicity and authenticity, showcases dishes crafted with love and a commitment to quality, the same love and commitment we share around the lunch table on a Sunday afternoon. From the first bite to the last sip, you’re in for a treat that goes beyond the ordinary.


At Judd’s, wine is more than just a drink; it’s an art. Alongside a fantastic wine list, the restaurant features a wine shop offering a curated selection of the finest local wines, allowing you to take a piece of the experience home.

Whether you’re a local looking for a cosy spot to unwind or a traveller seeking an authentic taste of Cape Town, Judd’s Local invites you to savour the moment, sip by sip, bite by bite, in a place where friends become family.

Find Judd’s Local at 141 Kloof Street in Cape Town.

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