Doughflowers: The rose-shaped doughnuts taking New York by storm

Ah, the doughnut! That simple, cinnamon sugar dusted ring of dough; a perfect, unadorned food. What has become of you?

At Doughnut Plant in New York, doughnut expert Mark Israel has developed a new form of the fried treat: a rose-shaped doughnut, The New York Times reports. (Yes, The New York Times. We may have just reached peak doughnut.)

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We’re not sure that they look very much like roses – in fact, we think they look a little questionable – but the doughflowers, as they’re being called, do sound kind of good. Glaze options include fresh strawberry, rose, and Italian blood orange.  


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They were purportedly first developed for Mother’s Day, but will now be sold indefinitely.

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Mr Isreal is also the creator of this concentric doughnut thing, which he refreshes with different flavours for different holidays, like this Mardis Gras themed one:  


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And this Cinco de Mayo themed one, which is beginning to look a bit questionable too:

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Yep, definitely questionable.

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But then, when it comes to doughnuts, it’s not really all about looks. If we’re being honest, we’d probably devour all of the above. And we are 100% behind this chocolate-hazelnut oozing thing:

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