Good pinotage and good food: the makings of the perfect wine pairing


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Creating a perfect food and wine pairing is an art. The wine reveals a bouquet of aromas – that first sip tantalises; the flavours linger. Then the food contributes its own sensory experience – the delicious smells; that mouthwatering first bite. The real test is in the second sip: will the medley of flavours be a perfect harmony or does the wine suddenly taste bitter, stringent and insipid?

Understanding which wine to pair with your food can elevate your dining experience, so it’s important to choose wisely.


Play matchmaker with pinotage

Pinotage has seen exceptional development over the last 25 years, largely thanks to the Pinotage Association, sponsored by Absa. Their support has inspired and enabled winemakers to truly understand the meticulous process required to make pinotage shine.

While a great pinotage can be savoured on its own, this cultivar is also loved by restaurateurs and sommeliers for its ability to pair with many different kinds of food, from savoury to sweet.


Young pinotage boasts a berried beauty, while older pinotage’s flavour profile is more voluptuous and complex. For this reason, most connoisseurs believe the medium-bodied pinotage to pair magnificently with freshly caught big-game fish or a rich winter bean soup. Leave the full-bodied variety for heartier dishes, such as oxtail or osso buco. Well-wooded pinotage carries hints of coffee and chocolate, making it the ideal complement to various sweet treats.

A great pinotage and food pairing is, in the end, limited only by your imagination. While a wine of such fine quality should always be accompanied by meals of the same calibre, preference will serve as the ultimate officiant in this marriage. Put simply, pair it with whatever your heart desires.

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