Irresistible dessert shops around the winelands

Every meal should end with dessert, but the best kinds of meals start with them. Whether you’re heading out after a great lunch, in search of an immediate sweet fix, or are looking to splurge on calories somewhere special, these are the spots in the winelands to hit.

Bebe’s Patisserie (Stellenbosch)

Bebe herself is the baker and chocolatier, with gluten-free treats being the name of the game here. Find chocolates, biscuits, scones, puddings, artisanal breads and everything in between at this quaint out-of-the-way spot. No matter your craving, it’s sure to be satisfied while suiting your gluten- and even sugar-free lifestyle. Definitely try the checkerboard chocolate-red-velvet cake and their thick cold Belgian drinking chocolate.

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Cold Gold (Stellenbosch)

Cold Gold is passionate about their ability to satisfy any customer with ice cream, no matter their dietary requirements. Whether you’re banting, lactose intolerant, vegan or trying to cut out sugar, this is the dessert spot for you. Their range is enormous but, if available, make sure to try the Valhrona chocolate and orange flavour, made with cocount milk; or the tempting sorbet made with chardonnay and white nectarines. You can also find them at various markets around Cape Town, like the Blaauwklippen Family Market.

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De Villiers (Paarl)

De Villiers offers workshops for truffle-making, but the real gold lies in their chocolate tastings. R25 per person gets you into their chocolate-and-confectionery sampling, which lets you go around the room trying as much as you’d like from each of their unique flavours of chocolate, nougat and caramel. The lime-and-ginger chocolate is a treat for the senses while you shouldn’t leave without taking home a slab of either the raspberry blondie chocolate or the chai-flavoured dark chocolate.

De Villiers (Franschhoek)

At this modern spot you can be assured that everything you eat or drink will be non-GMO and free from gluten, artificial colourants, flavouring and stabilisers. This pledge is their pride, as everything sold on the property is homemade, from the confectionery right through to the coffee beans. Also make sure to try their delectable ice creams, hot chocolate and chocolate fondues.

Fabio’s Gelato (Stellenbosch)

Though they have a full menu of eats here, complete with a wine offering, everyone goes for the gelato. Indulge in flavours like coffee, caramel, Nutella and pistachio. Also order the cake of the day, perhaps with a cup of Nespresso, which comes with a scoop of gelato. They also have gelato on sticks with toppings of  nuts and chocolate sauce.

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Have we missed your favourite dessert café in the winelands? Let us know in the comments below.

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