Joburg welcomes Artistry – J’Something’s new dining and entertainment concept

Talented singer and songwriter, J’Something has stepped back into the restaurant scene with the launch of his new restaurant, Artistry, in Johannesburg.

Not only is the restaurant a dining spot, but it also operates as a cultural platform to bring together food, artistic performances, musical arts and more.

We conducted an exclusive interview with J’Something to find out all the details about this hot new spot in the City of Gold.

With a passion for the performance and art industry, J’Something highlights that Artistry will act as a platform for all creatives, detailing it as an all-in-one spot for entertainment, where individuals can come together to inspire and share their talents.

“My personal dream has always been to find a unique way to bring food and entertainment together. Artistry is just that, a three-level experience in the heart of Sandton that aims to celebrate, preserve and showcase culture. The definition of artistry is when an individual applies their creative skill towards something with the ambition of creating something timeless.” 

Monthly ‘flagship’ experiences, such as Artistry Live, a music event limited to 100 guests, will be hosted and includes dinner. These tailor-made events will showcase some of the best musical talents. Making use of the three floors, each event will have an afterparty featuring a DJ.

Steering away from labels such as ‘restaurant’, Artistry will function as a cultural platform to bring people together. “We are just doing what we love to do, which is creating a platform to celebrate and preserve culture through food, drink and the arts,” he adds.

Growing up in the food industry and with a passion for all things gastronomical, it was a no-brainer for J’Something.

“My mom and dad both spent their entire lives serving and cooking for people. They taught me and made me appreciate the gift that lies in the act of service. I won’t say that opening a ‘restaurant’ has always been a dream, but no doubt opening a spot that is unique and is unlike anything else has been like a dream,” he says.

Rooted in the classics, Artistry will focus on offering wholesome and flavourful dishes such as steak and potatoes. J’Something shares that the secret ingredient for all the dishes offered is ‘love’.

“We value simplicity in food. We have things on the menu like steak and potatoes, a timeless classic that the majority of people can relate to, and we just make it as if we were cooking for friends/family at home, i.e. with lots of love and care. It is what it says, a great quality ribeye steak with a compound butter served with freshly cut, double-fried chips and creamy spinach that is simply blanched and folded with fresh cream, as well as Parmesan and nutmeg, simple. But so much beauty in simplicity.”

Having developed the menu, J’Something shares his favourite dish on the menu, “I would say the crispy chicken wings which come either dunked in a smoky BBQ sauce or served with ranch dressing. The peri-peri chicken tastes like I’m sitting in the South of Portugal and it is delicious.”

The drinks menu has been developed by mixologist George Hunter and has been approached with the same principles as the food offering, crafting timeless and classic cocktails.

Artistry opens this weekend and is located in Sandown, Sandton.


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