Meet the pink pineapple, this season’s most Instagrammable fruit

A report by our fellow lovers of all things edible at the Food Network reveals that a new breed of pink pineapple has been officially approved for consumption by the USA Food and Drug Administration.

Grown in Costa Rica by Del Monte Fresh Produce, the festive fruit has been christened with the name of one of our other favourite things, rosé.


Unlike some heirloom vegetables and fruits that naturally boast unusual colours and patterns, this now-pink spiky fruit is the result of genetic manipulation. The rosé pineapple gets its warm hue from lycopene, which is a carotene that lends watermelons, papayas, red carrots and tomatoes their colour. It’s been a long time coming; sources say the manufacturer has been working on it with farmers for more than a decade.

We have questions, however.

Does it taste like actual rosé? Can it rather taste like candy floss? Is it still disgusting on pizza? Will a pink pina colada be better or somehow wrong? Won’t watermelons be jealous?

If any of our US readers ever get to try one, please report back to Eat Out HQ.

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