Nando’s USA praised for bold inclusive advertising campaign

Nando’s may be famous locally for its politically contentious adverts, but the SA-born brand made international news this month with a campaign challenging president Trump’s nationalist rhetoric in the USA. According to The Washington Post, signage appeared in Washington DC Nando’s outlets prior to Trump’s inauguration, featuring a red heart and the hashtag #EveryOneIsWelcome. CNN Money covered the campaign, as did The Independent in the UK.

As part of the crusade, 60 000 signs were inserted with the Express, a free newspaper produced by The Washington Post. On the back of the sign the following was printed:
“Nando’s Peri-Peri is an Immigrant EMPLOYING, Gay LOVING, Muslim RESPECTING, Racism OPPOSING, Equal PAYING, Multi CULTURAL chicken restaurant where #everyoneiswelcome, On January 20, place this sign in a publicly visible place to let everyone visiting our city know #everyoneiswelcome.”

The campaign has become even more poignant after Trump’s executive order of last week, blocking entry to the USA for nationals from seven countries whose citizens are predominantly Muslim.

The campaign received praise on social media. One commentator on The Washington Post said they would eat there just for the poster.

Radio commentator Laura Flanders retweeted the sign.

Many planned chicken lunches on inauguration day.


Nando’s first opened in the USA in 2008, and has previously joined the local debate with a campaign to give out free chicken to celebrate the legalisation of marijuana, and has celebrated Washington D.C.’s pride day with rainbow colours in store and on its social media accounts.

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