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paloma-weekSummer, the season to unwind and celebrate the sunshine with friends and family, wouldn’t be complete without one of Mexico’s most festive summer cocktails: the Paloma.

Zesty and fruity, the Paloma is a citrus-infused tequila cocktail known for its vibrantly zingy and refreshing taste. This year, the Mexican summer staple cocktail is being celebrated and honoured in South Africa for the first time at the inaugural PATRÓN Paloma Week.

“Tequila is associated with celebratory moments. We want to stir the love for this drink by educating the South African market about this Mexican spirit’s cocktail gem and how it can be a beautiful fixture of summer festivities,” explains Cameron Hawkins, Sub-Saharan Africa Brand Ambassador for Bacardi in South Africa.

The celebratory period, running from 18 November to 4 December, will see a selection of bars across South Africa create their unique twist of this tequila-infused summer cocktail.

Bars to visit during PATRÓN Paloma Week:

Johannesburg: The Greenhouse and Sin+Tax

Cape Town: Cause | Effect, The Drinkery, Hacienda, Café Caprice and Fat Cactus

Durban: Lucky Shaker, Mexicola and Alchemy

paloma-weekPlus, we have a PATRÓN Paloma recipe to shake up your taste buds at home:


50 ml PATRÓN Silver

5 ml syrup/sugar

90 ml Fever-Tree sparkling pink grapefruit tonic Fresh lime juice

Grapefruit slice, for garnish


Add ice to a glass.

Add PATRÓN and syrup.

Top with tonic and lime juice.

Garnish with a grapefruit slice.

PATRÓN is handcrafted to perfection, using the most natural harvesting process in the Highlands of Jalisco in Mexico – resulting in the finest unaged spirit in the world. The finest 100% Weber Blue Agaves are used with each bottle, carefully distilled and aged to create the perfect brew that helps craft the ideal summer cooler – the PATRÓN Paloma cocktail. Other ingredients that make up this cocktail include premium grapefruit soda, a pinch of salt and a slice of grapefruit to garnish – all creating a refreshing sweet and sour signature taste.   

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