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Sure, you can get dad that gadget or tool he’s always wanted, but it’s not really personal or memorable, is it? It’s a gift anyone could have bought him and you’ll be lucky if this time next year, he remembers what you got him at all. 

If you want to make him feel special this Father’s Day, and you’re not the crafty type who has the skill or patience to make something from scratch, share an experience with your dad, like going to a restaurant or a car show, something you’ll know he’ll enjoy. Not only will this be infinitely more memorable, but it’ll also double up as good bonding time. 

Here are some suggestions.

Get active  

Is dad the active type? The guy who goes for Saturday hikes or cycles on Sundays? Then why not plan a day hike or 5km ride for Father’s Day? Make sure it’s a place that’s new, or a route he doesn’t cycle regularly, and enjoy your adventure together. The point is that this day is all about a sporty activity he enjoys and spending time with you, of course.     

Take him to a steakhouse

If your dad is a “meat is meat” kind of guy and loves nothing more than a good steak, take him to a steakhouse. Try and stay away from the “family-friendly” ones with the kiddies’ play area and go for something a bit more classy. A good choice is Turn ‘n Tender. They serve the best steak in the country, including Wagyu beef, and have an award-winning wine selection, stylish setting and warm atmosphere. Despite this, they’re surprisingly affordable.


See a movie 

If dad is a movie buff, go see a movie together. If he’s been talking about this movie he’s been meaning to see, surprise him with some tickets on Father’s Day. Because staring at a screen isn’t really a bonding exercise, go for a drink or coffee afterwards, and start a discussion about the story, the characters, the acting – you know, the stuff buffs usually talk about.    

Go camping, or meet him halfway    

So dad loves camping, but you, not so much. Either think about the bigger picture – how much he’ll love spending time with you while doing something he loves – or meet him halfway and book a self-catering cottage in a nature reserve for a weekend getaway. The key is that you organise the whole thing and all he needs to do is show up. 

This is the stuff that memories are made of, so think “experience” and give a gift that matters this Father’s Day.

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