Why SA’s award-winning kitchens use Wild Peacock Products as their trusty supplier


Supplied by Wild Peacock Products

Wild Peacock Products has long been established as the premier ingredient supplier to the Western Cape professional chef and restaurant scene. Beginning nearly three decades ago as a small seafood delivery operation, they have grown to be the most trusted provisioner for many of the top establishments in the region. They now import some of the top global brands that international chefs rely on to keep them at the top of their game.

The top-quality brands that should be in your kitchen

Wild Peacock Products’ relationships with specialist producers and suppliers stretch far and wide, but they also work with some of the best food artisans and suppliers in South Africa. As local agents for brands such as Valrhona, Adamance, Sosa and Norohy, they supply chocolate, fruit purées, technical ingredients and vanilla to pastry sections of top local kitchens.

Wild Peacock Products is the local agent for Valrhona, the French chocolate brand considered the finest brand for pastry sections and confectioners in the world. Their grand cru variants are some of the most sustainably sourced on the planet, as Valrhona works with small producers and single estates for bespoke blends.  They also advocate constantly, working on fair treatment of farmers and better conditions for workers and communities relying on cacao production.

Valrhona chocolate

They also have relationships with suppliers such as Spain’s Olmeda. Olmeda deals with a huge range of traditional Spanish produce.

And they work with highly specialised suppliers such as Loch Duart, bringing in their exquisite farmed Scottish Salmon. Then there’s Ferme Marine de Mahebourg, the Mauritian operation that produces red drum seabass in one of the most sustainable marine farms on the planet. All Wild Peacock Products’ seafood – from oysters to trout – is painstakingly researched and documented to ensure the highest levels of certification and traceability for their customers.

In the local food scene, they have for years been working with small, artisanal and organic suppliers to deliver exceptional produce to their customers. From the finest pasture-reared eggs or Wagyu beef to locally foraged porcini and truffles, they’re always looking for new and interesting produce. Their cheese department works with an exceptional spread of local cheese producers, providing both a route to market and expert advice on production and marketing. Apart from seeing some of them grow to win international awards, Wild Peacock Products boasts a comprehensive collection of South African cheeses.

Building relationships with South Africa’s chefs

They are very proud to have forged excellent relationships both with their suppliers and with some of the top chefs and restaurant brands in the country. It is these relationships that have guided and grown their business over time.

A chef might ask if Wild Peacock Products supply something like truffles. Wild Peacock Products would research truffles, reach out through their networks to find the best local suppliers, open the doors, ensure regular supply and best practices from production through storage to delivery, and answer that chef’s need. If a specific product is only available abroad, Wild Peacock Products opens those doors too. Three decades in the game and long-standing relationships with top brands such as Valrhona and Sosa means simpler access to the best of everything. A reputation for excellent business practice and impeccable customer service means they don’t need to knock too hard to list new suppliers.

Wild Peacock Products’ distribution reach stretches across the Western Cape, Gauteng and the greater Kruger National Park. If you are a restaurant, hotel, lodge, private chef or caterer, contact Wild Peacock Products to see how they can help you in your area.

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