The perfect blend of technology and luxury: arrive at your favourite dining spot in style with the JAECOO J7


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Feast your eyes upon the brand-new JAECOO J7, the vehicle that’s superior to urban SUVs and more comfortable than hardcore off-roaders. Having just arrived in South Africa, the JAECOO J7 represents a profound exploration into the future of intelligent mobility, echoing its ethos of ‘From Classic. Beyond Classic’.

Choose between seven different intelligent driving modes (off-road, normal, sand, mud, eco, sport and snow) to streamline your way to the latest hotspot or eatery. Powered by a 1.6 TGDI engine that accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in eight seconds, no reservation will ever be missed, and no café is ever too far. Cloaked in a variety of neutral and subtle colours and a rare-in-its-class 14.8-inch sky screen, the JAECOO J7 caters to urban elites who crave distinctiveness and modern off-roading chic in their vehicles.

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Beyond urban exploration, the JAECOO J7 excels in power and off-roading performance. The drivetrain pairs with a seven-speed wet dual-clutch transmission, offering both two-wheel and all-wheel drive options. Or hit the unbeaten path and whet your palate by traversing waters up to a staggering depth of 600mm.

Regardless of what your JAECOO J7 craving is, each journey is unique and personalised with unmatched lane-changing capabilities and optimal travel efficiency. Enter your destination into the 10.25-inch all-LCD dashboard and blare your music over the Sony sound system.

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