Seven struggles of a true wine snob

Enthusiasts of the grape will know all about the anxieties inherent in wining and dining out. To us, the way wine is served is just as important as its quality. If you’re a true vino snob, you might need to avert your eyes from this list of seven struggles only wine lovers will understand.

1. When you’re at a stylish new restaurant with an expensive wine list and you get a jar/tumbler/goblet

I get that drinking out of an antique tumbler is on-trend, but jars are for jam, people.


2. When the glass is chipped and/or dirty

Nobody likes accidentally wearing someone else’s lipstick.


3. When the glass is warm, fresh out of the dishwasher

No. Just no.


4. When you order a really pricey bottle of vino and it arrives with a side of ice

Your everyday sipper with a block or two of ice – no judgies. But if I’m about to fork out for a five-star blend, I’d rather not have it with an extra helping of water.

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5. When you’re the only wine lover at the table and are given the daunting task of ordering a bottle

Suzie only likes pink wine, Jan prefers to drinks red, and who knows what Ally’s weird date drinks. Can’t we all just order bubbly and get along?


6. When the glass is filled right to the brim

Technically, not filling a glass to the top is necessary to ensure that there’s room to swirl the wine, but it’s also just plain etiquette. I love wine but I also love it in my glass and not spilling on my lap. Unless it’s bubbly… then, more please and thank you.


7. Speaking of bubbly, if it’s still at room temperature, don’t serve it

Do you know anyone who enjoys a nice lukewarm flute of MCC? Nope, me neither.


Then again, that first satisfying sip of chenin out of the warm, over-filled jam jar is made of happiness and rainbows and makes it all ok in the end


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