Shining a spotlight on 4 impressive SA coffee roasteries

With each sip of coffee, South Africans are savouring more than just the brew; we’re indulging in a narrative of passion, ethics, and progress. The realm of coffee has evolved into an experience that intertwines cultures, flavours, and a shared commitment to a better world, one cup at a time.

The new age of roasters are sourcing delicious bean variants to bring us coffees that are ethically and sustainably produced. Here is a list of local coffee roasters to look out for.

Beaver Creek
This farm is owned and run by the Cummings family. They grow SL 28, Catuai, Batian and F6 Arabica coffee for their own house blend of coffee. They also roast, bag and retail for small South African coffee farmers. The Estate offers a Crop to Cup tour where coffee lovers are guided and educated on the coffee process. They are currently working with 4WKS Coffee to produce their own biodegradable pods. Training courses are also available.

Angy Cummings says, “We are very passionate about coffee farming in SA and we are working with other farmers to grow coffee. We are already working with a number of SA farmers in Eshowe and other places.”

Seam Coffee

Seam Coffee sources coffees from exotic destinations like Timor-Leste and El Salvador, with some seasonal blends arriving from as far afield as Nicaragua and Panama. Founder David Walstra says, “Seam was created with the idea that the coffee trade should be different. Instead of looking at coffee as a lifeless commodity, we see coffee as the livelihoods that the crop underpins. If coffee can create a community where it is consumed, we believe it should build communities where it is grown.

Seam is about connecting coffee farmers and coffee drinkers through ethical and sustainable trade.” They have introduced their home compostable capsules in SA, which will disintegrate back into soil within 26 weeks, available on their Coffee Subscriptions. Seam is currently working on securing green coffees from new origins as a larger S70 roaster.

Terbodore Coffee

Terbodore Coffee does not just do their own roasting but they also do amazing flavours as well, of which Caramel Crunch and Butterscotch are fast becoming favourites. Media manager Hugh Pines says, “Terbodore Coffee believes in exploring the possibilities of coffee. We’re an accessible coffee brand that offers blends, single origin and flavoured coffees. Plus we have a wide range of amazing capsules.” The coffee shops, which are on both the premises owned by the Macaskill family, help them with feedback on their coffee flavours and their subscription offers.

Bluebird Coffee

At Bluebird Coffee Roastery, coffee lovers can expect attention to detail. Owner Dario Scilipoti offers high-quality green coffee roasted to highlight naturally occurring coffee flavours. They offer their coffee-loving community new coffee blends via their Curated Subscriptions, where subscribers sample new coffees first before they go on sale to the public. He explains: “Our roastery is centred around excellence. We are sourcing some of the world’s highest quality green (raw) coffee and roasting it in the same building as our café. Roasting is what we do. Our café is our showroom for this work and our coffee bar team is one of the most dedicated in the country.” They are also passionate about the planet and therefore have joined forces with 4WKS Coffee for their pods, which are on sale from themselves directly and 4WKS.

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