Bring back summer: 16 foods we can’t wait to eat again

While we appreciate respite from the sweltering days of summer, the old adage rings true: absence makes the heart grow fonder. So despite getting to indulge in warming curries, comforting lamb shanks with mash and oozing molten cakes, we just can’t deny missing these summery eats.


Few things are as satisfying as an ice-cold beer on a hot day and though our fingers are currently frozen, they’re yearning for the days when they’ll once again encircle a glass filled with our favourite draught.


Though staying glued to the fire in winter for self-preservation has a sort of charm to it, we much prefer being poolside and wandering over occasionally to check on the meat sizzling on the fire.

Fridge tarts

Need we say more? In all honesty there’s never a wrong time for trifle, Peppermint Crisp tart, tiramisu, pineapple fridge tart, milk tart, no-bake cheesecake or ice-cream cakes. Still, they seem to become rarer in the winter months and we’re keen to get back to summer’s proliferation of all fridge-related treats.

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Fruit skewers

Sadly, picnics are few and far between when you’d rather wrap the blanket around your legs than lay it on the grass. That means less picnic-basket favourites like fun fruit skewers (AKA the only way to get your kids to eat fruit).


Sure, warm gin cocktails are a thing, but it’s not quite the same as a crisp G&T on a hot summer’s day.


There’s not much leeway when it comes to granitas – this icy Italian dessert is best eaten in summer with the sun beating down on your back. Cue nostalgic sigh.

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Ice cream, gelato, sorbet and froyo

True ice-cream lovers never stop indulging, but it’d be nice not to have to find a spot with a fireplace immediately after.

Milkshakes and don pedros

You’ve swapped out your favourite ice-cream for hot chocolate and you may even add a shot of Amarula, but it’ll never quite be the same. Oh, freakshakes, how we regret once mocking you.


We’ve just about had our fill of wrapping ourselves into blankets with a cup of tea warming our digits. Take us back to the days of sundowners on the balcony with the sun glinting off the pinkish hue of a glass of crisp rosé.


Ice cream’s grown-up sister deserves a mention of its own. We miss this frozen treat topped with an assortment of glorious summer berries.

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We love roast vegetables and all other wintry sides as much as the next foodie, but coleslaw is irreplaceable. It’s as versatile as it is delicious and we miss mixing it up with striking red cabbage or dots of pomegranate arils.

Smoothies and smoothie bowls

You’re forgiven if you’ve been opting for a latte instead of your usual guilt-free morning smoothie or even the über trendy smoothie bowl. Smoothies just aren’t comforting in frosty weather and we have a hankering to get back to being our best selves (plus fries, obviously).

Summer salads

Do we love salads of roast butternut, sweet potato and bell peppers lovingly interspersed with goat’s cheese? Yes. Have we reached the point where we’d shove one out of the way unblinkingly for a vibrant side salad topped with berries, mango or pineapple? Also yes.


Is there a time of year when we will not eat sushi? Absolutely not. But uncooked fish does seem a little less appealing in the wintertime, especially since it’s harder to pair with your favourite ice-cold white wine, bubbly or cocktail.

Sushi from Cape Town Fish Market

Sushi from Cape Town Fish Market. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Tacos and poké bowls

Just the word taco immediately takes us back to a balmy night (probably at an El Burro table) and there the memory begins to go a bit fuzzy because, well, tequila. Just as nostalgic are the days when you couldn’t take a sun-dappled stroll through Cape Town without three poké bowl spots popping up before the end of your lunch hour.

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We left the best for last. Watermelon is the king of all summer foods because nothing encapsulates summer like a cool slice of this magical pink fruit. Take us back to the days of chomping on it at the beach or transforming it into a pizza centrepiece.

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Did we miss the warm weather treat you’re craving? Let us know in the comments below.

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