Why you should try watermelon pizza (it’s not what you think)

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Australia may be more famous for iconic opera houses and strangely block-like rocks, but in recent years the country has also become known for gorgeous food – especially of the Instagrammable, trendy, viral kind. (Remember these rainbow lattes, unicorn candy-floss-topped cones, and insane doughnuts?)

The latest food trend for summer that side of the world is the watermelon pizza. Before you get your hopes up too high – there’s no stringy cheese, salami or chewy crust. But you can look forward to the cold crunching of cool, juicy watermelon between your teeth, the bright pop of tart, fruity toppings, and the satisfaction of knowing you can fit into your swimming costume for one more day.

There’s the entry-level version, with sprigs of mint and blueberries, and served pool-side:

This understated and simple version, with just some fresh fruit sprinkled on top:



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The intermediate level, with a base of yogurt and toppings of berries and slivered almonds:

And then there’s the advanced level, with edible blossoms, jewel-like white currants and dragon fruit cut out into flower shapes:


Need more convincing? Check out the #watermelonpizza hashtag for further inspiration.  

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