The sushi doughnut that’s taking the internet by storm is now available in SA

It looks like the era of food hybrids is not over yet. Meet the sushi doughnut, a circular sushi creation that’s more Instagrammable than a rainbow roll.

The sushi doughnut first appeared on our screens in February, when California-based sushi and poké joint Project Poke showed off this rice-laden ring on its Instagram feed. The seafood doughnut is made with cooked sushi rice that’s stuffed with avocado and topped with your favourite sushi staples such as salmon, tuna, cucumber and sesame seeds.

If you’re dying to try it, we have great news. Jack Salmon Fish House in Glenashley, Durban, is taking this sushi hybrid to new heights with its version of the su’nut (sushi doughnut).

Jack Salmon Fish House is known for fresh seafood and sushi, so it makes sense the team would jump on this new trend. The Durban version of the su’nut comprises a sushi-rice doughnut that’s stuffed with fresh tuna, cream cheese and sweet chilli before being tempura battered, panko crumbed and fried. The golden doughnut is then topped off with a soy-sauce reduction, sweet chilli sauce, Kewpie mayo and salmon caviar before being served on a bed of salty nori. Phew.

While it looks delicious, we have some questions. What is the rice-to-fish ratio? How do you eat it – with chopsticks? Your hands? A knife and fork?

We might just have to take a trip to sunny Durbs to give it a try.

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