Tashas in Hyde Park rebrands with a new name and dining experience

Tashas in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, is now called “Le Parc by tashas” and boasts a whole new look and dining experience. Bringing together influences of Paris streets and market-style courtyards within an upmarket mall environment, the newly rejuvenated restaurant now reflects a whimsical food and retail focus. The space is also accommodating to children.  

A noticeable difference is the warm and playful colour palette of pinks and burgundy with printed textures on the designs, complemented by the artisan flair of the art. Extra seating has been added, and the space exudes a more intimate feel with the addition of stained-glass frames on the perimeter and fabric sails across the ceiling.

stained glass at Tashas

Stained glass interior at Tashas in Hyde Park. Photo by David Ross.

“The real point of departure from the more conservative look-and-feel of Tashas was when we conceptualised the idea for the papier-mâché fruit bowl,” explains CEO and founder Natasha Sideris.

“It ignited a more artistic and colourful interpretation for the space. The more we developed the concept, the more we realised we were creating something completely new for the South African market.”

The intention for Sideris is to create a happy and inclusive space that can offer some respite from current difficulties and an escape going forward. 

“It’s bright, different, unique and fun. It’s delicate and feminine, and there’s something for the kids too. It’s an experience, and one which I think people need,” she says.    

The made-to-order menu features 20 dishes that are firm favourites from the Tashas classic menu and 55 new French-inspired dishes from Le Parc’s signature menu. Le Parc will make its own ice cream with six different flavours and one special “flavour of the week”. The kids will especially enjoy the candy floss machine, waffle station and toffee apples on offer. 

Food at Tashas Hyde Park

Dishes at Tashas in Hyde Park. Photo by David Ross.

Items available to buy are made in-house and sourced from local and international partners. These include a variety of freshly baked breads with gluten-free options available, pastries, olive oil, spreads, a full range of biscuits and sweets, linens, ceramics, and bespoke crockery and linen homeware.   

Le Parc is open Monday to Saturday for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and on Sunday for breakfast and lunch. 

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