WATCH: introducing Marisa Munroe – new Eat Out judge and food science expert

Marisa Monroe’s upbringing on a farm in Limpopo laid the foundation for her profound connection with food. From a tender age, her culinary journey was ignited as she delved into the enchanting world of cookbooks, flipping through their pages with wide-eyed wonder. This initial spark would fuel her curiosity, leading her on a captivating journey around the world in pursuit of novel and exhilarating flavours.

Within the bustling realm of Woolies, Marisa finds herself surrounded by a diverse team of visionary chefs and product developers. Her expertise has been further enhanced through a multitude of international seminars focused on the intricacies of food, flavours, and emerging trends, solidifying her position as a formidable force within the local culinary sphere. Eat Out is lucky to have her on this year’s panel of judges.

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