Frozen hazelnut nougat

"This cold dessert is one of my favorites," says Gordon Wright, "rich, crunchy and decadent yet beautifully soft, smooth and sort of ice creamy". The recipe is fresh from Gordon's new book, Veld to Fork.

Serves: 6-8


6 egg whites
250g castor sugar
2.5ml vanilla essence
375ml fresh cream
80g castor sugar
80g hazelnuts


You need to make this in three separate parts and then blend them together.

Part 1: To make the caramelised hazelnuts, place the sugar in a heavy-based pan and heat. Add the hazelnuts and mix until the nuts are caramelised and the mixture is a beautiful golden colour. Pour onto a heat-resistant surface (be very careful as this mixture is incredibly hot and can easily burn you quite badly if spilled). Set aside and allow to cool completely.

Part 2: To make the nougat, whisk the egg whites and the castor sugar together in a double boiler. Whisk continuously until the mixture is warm and fluffy.

Part 3: Remove from the heat, add the vanilla and whisk until cool but still fluffy.

Fold the whipped cream and caramelised hazelnuts into the egg white mixture and mix well.
Pour into freezerproof containers (you can use old ice-cream containers) and freeze overnight.
Serve big scoops as is on a hot sunny day or add a spoonful of granadilla pulp on top. You’ll be the most popular person in the neighbourhood.

Tip: I like to offset the sweetness with granadilla (passion fruit) because the tartness contrasts and yet complements this dessert perfectly.

Recipe extracted from Veld to Fork by Gordon Wright, Struik Lifestyle

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