10 pieces of avo toast we’d rather have than own a house

By now you will have heard about the smug property developer, Tim Gurner, who says that if only millennials spent less money on avo toast, they’d be able to afford to buy a house.

Firstly: You, sir, don’t know our lives. And secondly: You don’t know how to live.

Here are 10 avo toasts we’d rather eat than save up for a house. Take that, Tim.

1. This one with muhammara (a Levantine dip of roasted red peppers) plus za’atar:

2. This slice of gluten-free toast with avo and two perfect poached eggs (or rounds of cheese? Either way, we’re in):

3. This sourdough toast with a dark drizzle of balsamic reduction:

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4. This vegan avo toast topped with coconut ‘bacon’:

5. This toast smothered in hemp butter and topped with a pretty avo rose:

6. This beautiful sarmie with chilli flakes and crisp radish for contrast:

7. These two slices with an appropriate amount of avo and some tasty-looking crispy bits:

8. This simple, classic arrangement:

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9. This beautifully plated toast with salmon and heirloom tomatoes:

10. And these dainty works of art:

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