Is this the biggest churro in the world?

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It’s no secret that we love churros. In September we reported that Harrismith was getting its own store, Paquito’s, dedicated solely to churros, and we can’t wait for Crumbs & Cream’s churro offering, stuffed with ice cream. The only thing that can top it? This one that’s bigger than your head.

Turkish baker Tatlici Fevzi is rolling out these beauties and, quite frankly, blowing our minds. First he carefully pipes the batter into hot oil, crafting it into a neat coil and letting it deep fry until it’s achieved the beautiful bronze hue that we love so much. He then lifts it out and straight into a vat of syrup, where it stays submerged, soaking up the goodness, before – we assume – being gobbled up by some very lucky customers. Watch the video below and tell us if you’re jumping on a plane immediately. (Although we already know the answer is ‘yes, please!’)


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