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Stellenzicht takes immense pride in preserving its rich heritage while embarking on a transformative journey towards sustainability and reverence for nature. The wine farm’s commitment to nurturing its ancient terroir and surrounding biodiversity serves as the driving force behind its innovative sustainable farming and winemaking practices. By expressing the unique essence of their soils and terroir through their meticulously crafted grapes and wines, Stellenzicht continues to raise the bar for excellence in the wine industry.

Championing sustainability: forging a new path

Since coming under new private ownership in 2017, Stellenzicht has witnessed a shift in its philosophy. Spearheaded by the dynamic and visionary leadership of winemaker L’Ré Hughes and viticulturist Nico Nortje, the estate embarked on a mission to safeguard and regenerate its precious natural resources.

As the proud custodians of the picturesque farm, its team has created an ecosystem that ensures that safeguarding the diverse dragonfly population, indigenous flora and fauna is at the heart of their daily pursuit. This commitment to sustainability resonates throughout every aspect of their vineyard and winemaking practices, embodying a steadfast reverence for nature’s wisdom. An exemplary embodiment of this vision is their captivating tasting centre – the Wine Pod.

stellenzicht wine pod

The Wine Pod: an oasis of harmony and eco-consciousness

With 80% of its construction materials being recyclable, Stellenzicht’s Wine Pod showcases their unyielding commitment to eco-consciousness. Elevated gracefully on crow’s feet without imposing concrete foundations, the Wine Pod exists in seamless harmony with the surrounding natural environment. A sanctuary for wine enthusiasts, it offers a serene and idyllic setting for wine tastings, sales, and delightful wood-fired pizzas or delectable cheese and charcuterie platters. Nestled amidst a captivating backdrop of natural fynbos and embraced by ancient trees, the Wine Pod provides the perfect summer escape.

The dragonfly symbol: a reflection of balance

Embodying the essence of Stellenzicht’s pursuit of balance and excellence, their logo is graced by a graceful dragonfly intertwined with the initials SZ. These elegant creatures are potent bioindicators of ecosystem health, symbolising wines that resonate in harmony with nature’s delicate equilibrium. The dragonfly emblem serves as a constant reminder of their purpose – to create wines that echo nature’s perfect balance, a journey that echoes within every bottle they produce.

stellenzicht wine

Uplifting the hospitality industry: nurturing exceptional talent

Stellenzicht’s dedication to uplifting the hospitality industry goes beyond being a remarkable winery. Their significant partnership with Showcook, a renowned student programme fostering outstanding talent in the hospitality sector for over 15 years, showcases their commitment to empowering the next generation of servers, sommeliers, chefs, and hospitality professionals. Looking ahead, Stellenzicht aims to continue contributing to initiatives like Women in Wine, ensuring the industry’s continued growth and excellence.

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