Experience RIKŪ: a culinary journey beyond borders


In the vibrant heart of Woodstock, Cape Town, an adventure awaits those who seek an unparalleled dining experience. Welcome to RIKŪ, where the visionary chef Rikku O’Donnchu orchestrates a symphony of flavours.


Rikku’s remarkable journey in the culinary world has taken him from the kitchens of prestigious restaurants to collaborations with Michelin-starred establishments worldwide. He has been the driving force behind the culinary innovations that have garnered him international acclaim.

At RIKŪ, the chef’s culinary expertise shines through in every meticulously crafted dish. His extensive experience has enriched his repertoire and allowed him to create a dining experience like no other. What sets RIKŪ apart is its commitment to an intimate and exclusive dining atmosphere. Bookings are limited to just twelve guests per sitting, ensuring that every diner receives the utmost attention and a front-row seat to the food spectacle unfolding before them.



The menu at RIKŪ includes avant-garde creations that challenge convention to soul-warming classics reimagined with a modern twist. This restaurant promises an unforgettable exploration into the world of gastronomy, where innovation, passion, and artistry converge to create magic on the plate.

The restaurant will open on 8 December. Bookings can be made from 1 November 2023. 


  • 7-course tasting menu  – R995 pp
  • Lunch with beverage pairing  – R790 pp
  • Dinner tasting experience  – R1695 pp
  • Dinner with beverage pairing  – R1100 pp

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