Cream cheese jalapeño poppers are the people’s appetiser of choice


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Taking cue from the latest consumer culture trends that show an increasing appetite for shared social snacking experiences in the appetiser category, McCain Foodservice Solutions recently launched their exciting Pickers range. This is to offer restaurants a chance to engage with their customers’ demands in the dine-in, takeaway and at-home eating spaces.

The product range boasts three delectable flavours. There are the Tomato Mozza Melters – crispy balls with a tomato risotto filling and a mozzarella heart; the Camembert Cheese Bites – cheesy bites of camembert wrapped in a crisp coating; and the Cream Cheese Jalapeño Poppers – green jalapeño pepper halves filled with cream cheese and coated in a crispy breading.

Tomato Mozza Melters

We recently ran a poll to see which appetisers customers are more likely to order at a restaurant and the results are in! The Cream Cheese Jalapeño Poppers came up tops with 55% of the voters showing a shared love for spicy foods with a kick. Asked what dip they would pair the Jalapeño Poppers with, the participants all agreed they would pair this appetiser with something spicy, creamy and cheesy.

Coming in second are the tasty, breaded Camembert Cheese Bites at 24%. Customers love its gooey cheesy centre and crunchy exterior. Dip pairings ranged from cranberry sauce or sweet chilli sauce to onion marmalade or honey-mustard mayo.

McCain Camembert Bites

The Tomato Mozza Melters came in third, proving that classic Italian flavours will always be among the preferred choices.

According to research by McCain, 73% of South Africans are looking for new sensations that will liven up their everyday activities. Dining in or creating at-home, sharable and snackable moments is a trend that has been brought about by the ongoing pandemic, offering a space for restaurateurs to innovate. And the Pickers range by McCain Foodservice Solutions is the prime opportunity for restaurants to keep surprising their patrons with new and delicious tastes and experiences while upping their profit value at the same time.

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