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As the waiter at Toscana, one of Oceania Cruises’ exquisite onboard restaurants, enquires about your preferred flavours for an olive oil and vinegar pairing, you know you’re in for a true epicurean adventure. The artfully paired olive oil and vinegar for dipping fresh-baked bread is merely an overture, whetting your palate for the main event – perhaps a succulent lobster linguine that dissolves on your tongue. 

Yet this is only the beginning of your extraordinary culinary journey with Oceania Cruises. While the fine dining experience aboard is exceptional, Oceania elevates your voyage by immersing you in the rich flavours of each port of call. Here are just some tasters of what awaits onboard.  

oceania cruises

Catalonian cravings 

The sun-drenched Spanish coast beckons food lovers with its enticing Catalan cuisine – from savoury paellas to velvety Arbequina olive oils and decadent Crema Catalana nougats. As your Oceania cruise calls at this gastronomic paradise, you’ll be fully immersed in its vibrant food culture. 

Unveiling culinary secrets 

Embark on Oceania’s Culinary Discovery Tour, where an expert chef unveils the stories behind Barcelona’s iconic ingredients. Explore the bustling La Boqueria, a food market brimming with fresh produce since the 13th century, and the colourful Santa Caterina Market. Your newfound appreciation for Catalan flavours is rewarded with a tapas feast at a local restaurant and a sweet treat from the chef’s personal favourite pastry shop. 

Hands-on culinary immersion 

After uncovering Barcelona’s culinary treasures, bring the flavours back onboard to Oceania’s exclusive Culinary Centre. In this intimate teaching kitchen limited to just 24 stations, you’ll learn how to transform those market finds – plump olives, fragrant lemons, and precious Castilla-La Mancha saffron – into traditional Catalan dishes under the guidance of a master chef. Savour the fruits of your labour with a multi-course meal featuring your creations, connecting with fellow guests over laughter and shared passion – and with a newfound skill to enjoy back at home! 

Global gastronomy 

Why stop at Spain when the world’s flavours await? Beyond the immersive local experiences, Oceania’s stunning array of onboard restaurants beckons, from the Italian delights of Toscana to the Asian-fusion artistry of Red Ginger. Aquamar, part of the Spa and Vitality Centre, caters to wellness-conscious diners with a myriad of vegetarian and vegan options. 

Oceania cruises

As Riet Goetschalckx, Sales Director CEMEA at Oceania Cruises, explains: “Oceania Cruises is all about epicurean adventures. Whether you’re shopping for ingredients at local markets with an executive chef, choosing your own olive oils at Toscana, or selecting custom chopsticks at Red Ginger, it’s an immersive experience that goes beyond the plate; it’s the whole journey around food.” 

Indulgence in every detail 

The luxurious touches aboard Oceania Cruises vessels elevate your culinary experience to new heights. Dine on Versace dinnerware after savouring that lobster linguine, and marvel as the skilled mixologists craft aromatic cocktails using smoke bubble guns, transforming a simple drink order into a theatrical event. 

As the sun dips below the horizon, stroll the deck with a perfectly crafted cocktail in hand. The aroma of fresh herbs and simmering sauces fills the air, beckoning you to anticipate that first bite of a dish inspired by your day’s adventures ashore. This is the rhythm of an Oceania cruise – a true culinary odyssey. And it’s all yours to savour. 

Oceania cruises

Oceania Cruises is exclusively represented by Cruises International in South Africa. For more information, or to book your next Oceania Cruises voyage, click here or contact your travel adviser. 

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