President Cyril Ramaphosa shows his support for SA’s restaurants

There was a bit of excitement this weekend on the Steenberg Vineyards when they received word that a special guest would be joining them for lunch.  That’s right, President Cyril Ramaphosa enjoyed lunch at Tryn Restaurant on Sunday, much to the delight of fellow patrons and staff.

Inside Tryn Restaurant. Photo supplied.

Restaurants and the tourism sector as a whole have been deeply scarred by the COVID-19 pandemic this year. Lockdown restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus meant that restaurants, bars and hotels were off the menu for many months. The economic and emotional impact on the hospitality community has been profound but after a hard year, things are starting to look up again as we move into a beautiful South African summer.

President Ramaphosa’s order of ethically sourced fish with wasabi and pea fritter, shimeji and corn salsa, turmeric and lime velouté. Photo supplied.

Restrictions are still in place for restaurant staff and guests, as the threat of coronavirus has not been diminished yet. The guidelines in place allow restaurants to operate in a meaningful way while protecting the health of staff and visitors. 

Restrictions still in place:  

  • All guests and staff should wear a mask covering the nose and mouth at all times, except when actively eating or drinking.  
  • Regular handwashing is recommended, and staff must take steps to sanitise surfaces within the restaurant space.  
  • Printed menus are not recommended, but restaurants should rather offer a blackboard menu or digital menu for patrons.  
  • Physical distancing should be enforced. Restaurants and cafés should only be at 50% capacity with plenty of space between tables.  

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With all the challenges facing the restaurant industry, it was really lovely to see the president showing his support for South Africa’s restaurants. But of course, we all want to know: What did the president order?  

According to an Instagram post this weekend, President Ramaphosa ordered “Ethically sourced fish with wasabi and pea fritter, shimeji and corn salsa, turmeric and lime velouté. And our salt & pepper calamari.”  Our sister site, Food24, has published the recipe for the fish dish, so you can cook it at home! 


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We connected with Chef Kerry Kilpin, who said that her team was thrilled to serve the President and his party. She did not want to comment further but rather wanted to protect his privacy as a guest.  


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After lunch, the president graciously posed for photos with proud staff members – all wearing masks, of course!  

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