The ultimate foodie TV guide

If you’re missing your favourite chefs during the national lockdown, catch up with them on Showmax and Netflix.

Foodies series to stream on Showmax

My Kitchen Rules SA

Join singing sensation J’Something and Marble chef David Higgs as they attempt to find South Africa’s best cooking duo.


Chef Jan-Hendrik van der Westhuizen, owner of the Michelin-starred JAN restaurant in Nice, gives viewers a taste of Italy as he showcases his favourite ingredients and dishes.

Cooking With Siba

Celebrity home cook and food editor Siba Mtongana invites other celebs into her kitchen as she recreates local African cuisine with a healthy twist.

Celeb Feasts With Zola

Zola Nene goes behind the scenes with local celebrities as they reveal how their real-life heroes have shaped their lives. Bonus: watch how to make Zola’s immune booster here.

Foodie series to stream on Netflix

Restaurants on the Edge

Get an inside look into the struggles restaurants face as chef Dennis Prescott, restaurateur Nick Liberato and interior designer Karin Bohn visit restaurants with amazing views – but less-than-amazing food – across the globe.

The Final Table

This global cooking competition was all the rage in 2018, featuring South Africa’s own Ash Heeger. If you enjoy Gordon-Ramsay-style kitchen drama, you will love The Final Table.

Street Food: Asia

Grab a notebook and start planning your post-lockdown Asian-inspired foodie adventure. Featuring stories and dishes from India, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and more!

Theater of Life

This documentary follows Massimo Bottura on his quest to redistribute food waste from high-end restaurants, forming an inspirational story about how food brings us together.

Ugly Delicious

Season two of David Chang’s hit series is here. David and friends travel all over the world in search of tasty food from India, Australia and Italy. Warning: don’t watch this show hungry.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

David Chang eats with friends across the world, discussing food, culture and the meaning of community. Featuring Chrissy Teigen and Seth Rogan, this is a softer foodie show for when you just need to chill.

Raja, Rasoi aur anya Kahaniyaan (Kings, Kitchens and Their Stories)

This show takes a deep historical look into Indian cuisine, from the 1770s until today. It tracks the influences of countless rulers and kings, and how Indian food came to be.

Chef & My Fridge

This cooking variety-and-chat show was a big hit in Korea and there’s no doubt why. Featuring fun challenges, cooking and lots of laughter, this is a great one for the whole family.

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