The Year We Baked Our Hearts Out

The researchers and scientists in the know agree that baking is a therapeutic activity, so it came as no surprise that lockdown turned many people into banana bread baking, sourdough-making machines. There was a shortage of instant yeast, but that didn’t stop us from making focaccia ‘gardens’ and home-made pizza. 2020 was the year we rekindled our relationship with carbs.

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9 April 2021
By Kamini Pather
For Adam Robinson, COVID presented a journey of ups, downs and ups again.
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29 August 2020
By Tessa Purdon
With the COVID pandemic hitting SA the hardest during winter, it was inevitable that we...
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17 March 2020
By Carmen Williams
2020 was a year of many unexpected shifts. One of the most surprising? The massive...
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12 March 2020
By Bianca Jones
A breathtakingly beautiful baking trend swept across social media and into our hearts.
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