The Year We Went Back To Basics

When crisis strikes, we’re forced on many levels to function with only the simplest, most basic necessities. Gone were the heels and makeup, running day-to-day errands, and dining in restaurants. We had to start cooking our own meals, making do with what was available. Planning became a key pastime – particularly, what to cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Who to reach out to in an emergency? What to do with the endless hours at home? In 2020, we went back to basics.

21 April 2021
By Nikita Buxton
We chat to Bertus Basson, the S.Pellegrino Chef of the Year, about how the pandemic...
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23 February 2021
By CBS Reality & CBS Justice
When our lives suddenly came to a standstill and everything we knew changed, it’s no...
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20 November 2020
By Bianca Jones
In 2020, fashion-forward meant wearing matching tracksuits, slippers and face masks.
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2 September 2020
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1 July 2020
By Zola Nene
The 2020 pandemic made us all realise the value of a home-cooked meal and the...
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