5 luscious malva puddings in the winelands

Sweet, sticky and comforting, malva pudding is one of those nostalgic desserts that never fails to bring back memories of cosy Sunday lunches with the family. Whether you like yours with a drizzling of sweet custard or a dollop of ice cream, there’s no doubt that malva is one of the most satisfying ends to a meal. From warm banana malva to the jammy traditional version, here are five great spots for malva pudding in the Cape winelands.

Ouma Corrie’s malva pudding. Photo supplied.

Ouma Corrie’s malva pudding. Photo supplied.

Basic Bistro (Stellenbosch)

This popular bistro in the heart of Stellies offers dessert lovers a comforting traditional pudding with vanilla-bean ice cream (R36). The pudding is served steaming with dollops of ice cream on top to make each mouthful glorious. Add caramelised apple slices for R7.50.

Fyndraai (Franschhoek)

Housed in a Cape Dutch setting, Fyndraai is the perfect place for this favourite South African dessert. This version is elegantly plated, playing with unusual flavours for an exciting twist. The warm piesang halva poeding is made with ripe bananas and is topped with rich chocolate ganache and served with vanilla pod ice cream (R55). The sweet dessert is goes down beautifully with a chilled glass of Solms-Delta Koloni.

A malva pudding at Fyndraai. Photo supplied.

A malva pudding at Fyndraai. Photo supplied.

Noop (Paarl)

Located in a gorgeous old house on Main Street, this warm restaurant offers a sweet taste of South Africa with its dessert offering. The South African plate is comprised of traditional malva pudding served with Amarula anglaise, milk-tart ice cream, soetkoekie crumble and a sweet spitsroken (R74).

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Postcard Café (Stellenbosch)

Whether you’re here for the stunning views or the homely food, this winelands restaurant is great spot for winding down. On cooler days give in to temptation and order the rich malva pudding made in the traditional way. The sticky dome is served simply with a gloss of vanilla custard and a dollop of vanilla-bean ice cream for R44.

Racine (Franschhoek)

Here chef Reuben Riffel’s warm, sticky malva has a delicious heat from the added spice and is served with a crunchy almond praline, a tart apricot compote and a creamy frozen yoghurt to cut through the richness (R65). Alternatively, opt for the malva with cinnamon ice cream, rooibos syrup and streusel crumble.

Malva pudding at Racine at Chamonix. Photo supplied.

Malva pudding at Racine at Chamonix. Photo supplied.

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